Every girl here loves makeup, jewellery,bags and clothes but all Expensive:). There are some top fashion fashion designers out their and they include

Marc Jacobs

Betsey Johnson

Kate Spade

Tom Ford

Ralph Lauren

Coco Chanel

Giorgio Armani

Valentino Garavani

Donatella Versace

Calvin Klein

All these are the amazing designers, but my role model has got to be Betsey Johnson, she’s cool, funky, spunky and she is a great designer her clothes are wacky fun and colourful pure amazing. Now i think i amGo catch these designers Autumn collection but their Expensive!!!!!!!

Jewellery, i just love it, i collect them to wear and have got quite a few i love all jewellery brands cause their all beautiful.

Gold is in, as everyone’s buying the clothes and calling them golden girl’s(SPARKLES)

Here is some people’s Autumn collections

Screen-Shot-2013-02-13-at-11.10.25-AM-500×373.png Maison Martin Margiela

A-Détacher-Fall-Winter-2013-2014-Womens-Collection-1-600×899.jpg Mona Kowalska



Saint-Laurent-Fall-2013-.png Olivia Palermo

bora-aksu.jpg Bora Asku

The colours that are in are neon(bright colours)

What’s your favourite designer and why?

Do you like the Autumn collection’s and the colour gold for clothes?


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  1. Dear: Bella,

    Your blog is AMAZING, you are so awesome and good with your blog. You comment amazingly good and you really did well on your blog. Congrats to you and make sure you add more things. Well I’ll keep the rest for you.

    From your class mate,

  2. Dear BFFB (best friend forever Bella)

    Your blog is so cool!! I am the type of girl who loves to be fashionable so I will check out those designers because all of the jewellery and clothes that I want is so expensive.

    from your,

    • Dear BffG,

      Thanks for the comment. I know every girl’s dream is to have expensive stuff, It can be anything.
      I want a lot of of fashionable clothes and you know I want more jewellery.
      What’s our favorite accessorie or piece of clothing.


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