In term 4 we have been learning about Gold and the history of it. We have been assigned to a website ( and the teachers have named it Dig for Your Life. The whole of grade 5 have been completing tasks assigned by the teachers all helping us learn more about the Gold Rush.

When people heard that gold was discovered and there was lots to be found, thousands of people left their homes and jobs and set off to the goldfields trying their luck. It was very difficult because there were no roads, hotels or even houses there and the people had to bring their own supplies.

Travelling wise, there were no buses, trains, planes or cars. There was nothing except bulls, horses or by walking and it was difficult because it would take at least a couple of days or being overseas travelling by boats would take 4 to 8 months. Many people would make tents or build houses out of wood. They would risk everything on the goldfields.

Many people would fall sick or die on the goldfields. From typhoid or typhoid fever, but many could die from starvation or dehydration. There was also violence on the goldfields, thousands of people crammed trying to find gold.

If I was on the goldfield i would feel mixed emotions about the goldfields because there was both disappointing and happy feelings about the gold rush, like finding gold or not finding gold. I think they felt adrenalin, a rush to find gold. Excitement ( imagine finding gold!) Disappointment, anger, sadness, powerless, madness all because of not finding gold. Amazement, overjoyed, happy that they found gold. Tired, exhausted, hungry, starving, thirsty, Homesick, even guilt because of the violence and wanting your family and I also think they felt confident to become rich, that they can succeed , eager wanting so so much gold , keen, inspired and anxious feeling positive.

We are learning about the history of Australia and the Gold Rush has had a big affect on it.

What do you think about the gold rush?


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