All about ME!!!


I was born to be me
I was born to succeed
I was born to enjoy everything I do well
I was born to be somebody
I was born to be proud
I was born to write poetry and speak loud
I was born to smile
I was born to live life
I was born to be somebody
Who were you born to be?
Well I know I was born to be me.

My name is Bella and I am ten years old, i love poetry and being bold, I like to speak loud and show off who I am. I love to bend twist and turn as I like gymnastics, I like swimming and i’m pisces, my favourite subject is english and art. I am a fan of quotes and love sea and as you know I like to be me. I like adventuring, finding treasures and I also love to play and listen and also write music. It has been my dream to become a news reporter/journalist for some odd reason but I really love my family. Best friends forever my mom and me, picking flowers and climbing trees a shoulder to cry on and secrets to share, warm hearts and hands to share. Being a sister for my brother means being there for each other. A teacher, loving, patient, kind my father is my friend. Thanks for reading this short story so please comment and leave a message leave and some likes. As long as you know abit about me that’s the important thing.


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  1. Great post to know you. I now know you a little better. I also really liked your post on International Peace Day. Very factual. I’m glad that I’m your mentor! -Jake

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