I know that everyone loves music and it is used in multiple ways.

For instance

to relax

to dance

to listen

to enjoy

to work

and so much more.

I love music and thats just my opinion, I listen to the radio when going to school, have a dance party by myself and much more.  I mean i love it so much i even play  it. I play guitar and hoping one day that i will be successful.   It was my first choice to play guitar and some of you might think why didn’t I start on piano, because i know most of you do. Well I really want to experience new things and so I have and learnt a lot, you can here me rocking out in my bedroom strumming on my guitar strings. I really also love listening to music and mostly on youtube with my headphones dancing and the music would be SUPER LOUD and I now all you do it too. Like Dj’s create mixes and things like that crushing music together to create a cool mash-up. There is a lot of popular songs on youtube.

Dance to these:

Well, I might’ve put a lot but you see the picture

  • Do you play an instrument?, if you do which one? 
  • What are your favorite songs?
  • what do you do with music?

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  1. Dear Bella,

    My favorite songs that you have put on your blog are all of them ! 🙂
    I think your blog has gotten off to a very good start and i am looking forward to commenting on future posts so i can comment on them.

    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Tony,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Good to know that you like all the songs,
      😉 🙂 hope you comment on future posts. Do you have any suggestion for other songs?
      Do you play an instrument?


      • Dear Bella,

        I have some ideas for new songs you can put,

        – Where have you been ( Rihanna )
        – Boom Boom ( Justice Crew )
        – I need your love ( Calvin Harris )
        – Drinking from the bottle ( Calvin Harris )
        – We’ll be coming back ( Calvin Harris )
        – Right Now ( Rihanna )
        – Stay ( Rihanna )
        – Scream ( Usher )
        – Walks like Rihanna ( The Wanted )
        – Scream and Shout ( )
        – Dirty talk ( Wynter Gordon )
        – l know you want me ( Pitbull )
        -Troublmaker ( Olly Murs )
        – Beautiful Monster ( Ne-Yo )
        – Cant hold us ( Macklemore )
        – Wings ( Little Mix )
        – Change your life ( Little Mix )

        Sorry its too much but those are just ideas :).
        You can choose how many you like and i hope you like the songs that i have gave you.

        Cya Tomorrow,
        Tony 🙂

      • Dear Tony,

        Thanks for the ideas, i appreciate them a lot. It would be good if you pick the three that you like the most, that would help me out. I really like the songs and I will try to create a mix with all the songs (maybe).\
        Do you have a favourite song/singer/group/band ?


      • Dear Bella,

        Well my favorite singer is … ” Drums Please !!! ” My favorite singers are ” Eminem,,Rihanna,Usher,Labrinth,Calvin Harris,Wynter Gordon,Drake,Flo Rida,Justin Bieber ( Little),Ludacris,Ne-yo,Macklemore,Rudimental and last but not least 50 Cent. Also my favorite band is ( Unkown ) and my Fav songs are all the songs i gave you before :). Sorry I Gave You Too Much But the 3 you can put if you like are ” Boom Boom, Stay, and i know you want me ” evan though they are my top fav’s.

        Thank you, ( Peace )
        Tony 🙂

      • Dear Bella,

        Well im back and sorry about this but my favourite band issssssssss” Justice Crew ” !!!


  2. Dear Bella,

    What’s up guys, I play an instrument. Drums it is, I’m a professional at doing drills but not so good at like high speed beats!

    Peace out,

    • Dear Zac,

      Its nice to meet you. I hope you comment on future posts and its was nice to meet you, By the way what songs do you like ? Also what school do you teach or go to ?

      Tony 🙂

  3. Dear: Bella,

    You have done a great job on your blog. Well done! Well my favorite song is all of the music I have heard. They are like music to my ears. Well I am looking forward on you’re future blog.

    Kind regards,

      • Dear: Bella,

        Well the music that Tony choose was all my favourite… But the 1 and only I liked is the Wanted Walks like rhianna. I love that music I listen to it all the time. Well I will see you at school.

        Your pal,

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