Hi my names Bella and I’m just going to be starting a blog, my first post is going to be about well what you guys like. For a fact i think everyone likes chocolate, i know i do. I love pizza, pasta ice cream and the list goes on, i love to do gymnastics, dancing and running. I love drama, acting, music and the TV and i love debating,reading, writing, fashion, drawing, jewellery, bags and singing wait expensive stuff. Well know i love doing this blog. I know i kinda mostly fell happy and colourful!!!!

You don’t have to be perfect all you have to do is be yourself, express yourself, don’t feel shy be HI welcome yourself to new things tell me anything write it all down what you like how your feeling what you want to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING

watch this video SCREAM AND SHOUT something some people have to do if you need to do it right now!!

and if you feeling down here’s a little something you might find Funny:)!!

Peace as always,



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  1. Dear Bella,

    I have watched all of these videos. I love the song scream and shout! My brother made me watch the gummy bear song its pretty funny i have to say 🙂


    • Dear Andrea,

      Im glad to hear you like the song scream and shout and found the gummy bear song funny, did you scream and shout and let it all out?

      Peace as always

    • Dear Bella,

      Hahahah LoLs your soo funny! HAve you started making the prezi?
      P.S Can you teach me how to change my pic as well?


  2. oh and you need to tech me if i want to know how to get emails if someone commented or posted a comment


    • Dear Bella,

      How do i get emails when someone commented or a post came? Do you want me to send the link to MIss Azzopardi AND EVERYONE ELSE?


  3. Dear Bella,

    those videos are AWESOME and the gummy bear song made me laugh my pants off. the song scream and shout is now downloaded in my MP3
    i am looking forward to more posts

    Josephine 🙂

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